Why Koons

Many sellers may think they can get more money through selling privately, but that isn’t always the case. Selling to individuals brings up a lot of uncertainty, including inconsistent communication, inconvenient meeting arrangements, and financing that falls through. 

But we specialize in buying used cars and have perfected the process to make it as seamless as possible. We’re not here to sell you on a new car or services; we only want to buy your car!

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When you work with Koons Buys Cars,
your transaction will be:



We’ll break down your deal so you understand what your quote is based on. We use the TrueCar database to tap into real-time market value for current, competitive quotes.



We come straight to your home and print you a check from your driveway. You never have to step foot in a dealership.



We want to buy your car as soon as possible, so we work fast to schedule appointments and get you paid.



Most importantly, we’ll give you maximum value for your vehicle. Get a price you’ll be happy with from Koons Buys Cars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will buy any make and model!

Yes, we can appraise cars online, but keep in mind this number will be an estimate until we see the car in person.

If you have a payoff, we can take care of it the next business day.

Leases can sometimes present a challenge. Some banks will not allow us to buy the leases, while others will give us a higher payoff as automobile dealers. Other banks are fine. Contact us to work through the details of your lease.

If we have all the correct paperwork, you can get paid the next business day, or if we’ve done the deal early, same day! No other buying service or dealer is faster than us!

Yes we can come pick up your vehicle and finalize the deal from your driveway!

F. Leon

Just sold my second car in 1 1/2 years to Koons Buys Cars (Chris Lamb). The process took less than 25 minutes from the hello to having a check in my hand. Chris is sincere, professional and will give you his best price up-front. Both instances have been no stress to me, as I always keep my cars in great condition. The car pickup process is smooth and trouble free. Very professional individuals make sure all your questions and concerns are answered quickly and there are no surprises for the seller. Highly recommend Koons Buys Cars to anyone wanting to avoid a potential Craigslist stressful sale. Got a fair price both times.

T. Simpson

I listed my car on craigslist and was contacted by Chris Lamb within a couple of hours to see the car and it was sold within a week! Chris was great, when he came to see the car he was super easy to talk to and patiently answered all of my questions. I was a little worried about haggling and getting excessively low balled offers, but, surprisingly he gave me a fair price that I was happy with and that wasn’t much lower than what I had listed the car for initially. When it came time to do the transaction he showed up at my house with all the paperwork ready and it was a quick and painless process that took about 20 minutes. Overall I had a great experience with Koons Buys Cars!